We are putting out a request for over 100 Executive Partners who know us and understand our calling. We invite you to stand with us both financially and in prayer as we move forward in the effectiveness of the ministry God has called us to…

Arrowhead Ministries
Exists to reinforce the culture of worship in local churches with preaching, teaching and training of congregations through bible-based experiential “worship encounters” and concerts. Reaching all believers and non-believers, providing practical worship seminars for musicians, singers, technical and creative teams, lifting the standard of excellence and anointing within each local church.

Mission Statement
To connect with and inspire the world by assisting churches in their worship culture, challenging and altering ways of thinking and sanctioning people to live, direct and influence in every domain of life!

We see churches all over the world responding to the Word of God, living what it says, rising up in TRUE WORSHIP, living exemplary lives that see the lost, hurting and needy drawn to the Father.

We see stadiums full of believers and non-believers coming to God in their thousands, tears flowing down their cheeks in true repentance. Our ministry utilises all mediums of music, lighting, video footage, multi-media, and sound effects to reinforce the preaching and communication of the truth within powerful worship.

How You Can Help
Please prayerfully consider your support today. Our current needs include:

Hi-tech multi-media equipment for Worship Encounters/Concerts.
Finance for touring/flights, travel expenses for Andrew and band members.
Office administration expenses/event co-ordination.
Enabling us to minister at all church sizes.

One-Time Donation

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Complete our ministry Partner donation form which you can download here and phone through to our office +61 2 4333 1988, direct deposit or to the mailing address on our Contact us page.

Thank you for investing yourself in the support of Arrowhead Ministries!