About us

Instead of coming to your Church with our own agenda, our desire is to serve the local church leadership and congregations in any way that we effectively can. We do offer four ways that we know can be of support and encouragement to your Church.

1. Inspiring Worship Leading:
Church services, nights of worship, worship encounters, special meetings, retreats, conferences, etc…
2. Life Changing Preaching:
God is allowing us to bring a Word of life and encouragement to His Church, teaching on areas like; Servants & Stewards, Understanding The Seasons, Prospering In Your Soul, What Is Biblical Worship, Faith, Purpose & Jesus, Intimacy With God, Men Who Take Responsibility.
3. Practical Training/Coaching:
Equipping worship leaders, worship teams, and production teams in the spiritual and practical aspects of worship ministry, through Full Day Saturday Seminars or 2-4 Hour Evening Seminars.
4. Ongoing Relationship:
With over a decade of local church pastoral ministry and over 20 years itinerate; we’ve experienced the personal, emotional and spiritual challenges of the calling. More than an itinerate ministry that just “does it’s thing” and moves on, we offer ourselves relationally to the church leadership we are privileged to serve. We also provide consultation in the area of worship ministry, leadership development, sound consultancy etc…

Please email us today. info@andrewironside.com

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