Worship Encount3r Album Release

We’re so pumped to let you know that Worship Encounter 3 – Delux Live Worship Album was officially released in November, last year. We know you’ll enjoy this amazing, seamless experience through the journey of Worship & Teaching.

While at Faith Life Church, Columbus, Ohio, last November, my Aussie band and I decided at the last minute, (literally 15 minutes before the service began) to record the night and if all went well, we’d go ahead and aim to release it as a live worship project. So as you can guess it went extremely well and here we are now 12 months later its being released to coincide with Faith Life Church’s Worship night this November.

One of the things I like most about Worship Encounter 3 is the response and wonderfully innocent engagement of the congregation at Faith Life Church the night it was recorded as they didn’t know we were recording it. So there’s no level of “performing worship” for the recording’s sake but simple, virtuous, response to God in worship.

In post production, we’ve done lots of editing and overdubs to bring the recording to an enjoyable and listenable quality album that you will want to play many times over.

As I teach at Hillsong Leadership College in Sydney on Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch, I have to let you know that all of my vocals and worship leading that you here on the album are the “live” vocals I recorded and ministered on the night it was recorded, the same goes for my Harp and Native American Flute playing.

We encourage keyboard players to learn to play the parts and to try and avoid using backing tracks and you’ll enjoy the raw, live keyboard arrangements on Worship Encounter 3.

Josh Telford of In-House Productions did such an amazing job of mixing this album. Josh has worked on Darlene Zschech’s albums and was a resident engineer for Mark & Darlene’s previously owned Grove Studios. Josh told me that he was so ministered to while mixing the album that sometimes he’d stop working and it and just sit there and enjoy the ministry moments as he played them many times over.

Luke Munns of Lakehaus Studios has also done a fabulous job of mastering the album and we feel to privileged that he could work on this for us.

As well as coming out on iTunes and CD, we’ve also released Worship Encounter 3 on USB as the Extended Version which runs for a full 90 minutes versus the CD/iTunes version which is 79 minutes in length. The USB also contains 2 bonus REMIX versions of “The Way” and “To Worship”.

I hope that you enjoy listening to and being ministered to by Worship Encounter 3 as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for your enjoyment.

Andrew Ironside