10 AMAZING Online Lessons for Beginner Harp Players

I’m really looking forward to getting together with harp players from Australia and around the world on Easter Weekend!
We’ve set the timing up for these so people can use their time off over Easter and also that shouldn’t interfere with the Easter programs in Churches or upset their family time too much. Beginning on Easter Saturday, April 15th at 6 am till noon and again on Easter Monday, April 17th 6 am till noon.
The 10 harp lessons, encompassing 20 different skills used on the harp in worship will really equip anyone learning the harp to confidently play the harp in Church with their worship band by the following weekend!

The lessons will each take 30 minutes and the attendees will receive detailed notes and 20 additional videos contain the 20 skills taught throughout the lessons so that they can relive and go over the content at their own pace.

What about those living in USA?
Glad you asked, we are intentionally starting early in Australia at 6 am on Saturday AEST which will be 4pm EST in New York, the day before, so your start time will be at 4pm on Good Friday till 10pm and likewise on Sunday afternoon at 4pm till 10pm. If you reside in a timezone west on New York, your start time will begin 1-2 hours earlier according to your relative timezone change.

Make sure you register now, we’re only allow 9 to register for each class so that the size of the group remains intimate and we can answer questions and easily interact.

What do you need? A harp and a computer with good internet connection and a hunger to learn.

We’re using Google Hangouts so that we can see, hear
and speak to each other making sure that each student is understanding and grasping the technical side of playing the harp.

Its going to be FUN!
See you there!